Yoga for Athletes/Sports 

AUMRA Yoga run a strength and conditioning yoga program for many sporting groups, big and small. Practising yoga can complement sporting activities such as soccer or football, by promoting overall improvements in health and athletic performance. 

Benefits of Yoga for Sports Clubs

Soccer and football involves a lot of running and sprinting during their training sessions and during their games.  It is a very Yang-like activity, and soccer/football players are getting strength and training on a regular basis, especially in the leg muscles.

A Yoga practice can focus on preventing injuries, build joint strength by the low impact exercises used in yoga and helps to create flexibility and to bring a Yin side of life by offering space and a place of calm.  The focus of an AUMRA Yoga 30 minute practice for soccer and football players in conjunction with their training will see improvement of flexibilty in the legs, hips and joints-especially the hips and hamstrings where they tend to experience tightness.