Health Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

Staying active and mobile in your senior years has many health benefits, however with physical exercise comes greater risks of joint pain or strain as we age.

If you’re a senior who wants to stay active and flexible without muscle strain, AUMRA Yoga is a great option to introduce in to your lifestyle!

Research suggests that yoga, when practiced correctly, has a number of health benefits for seniors. You may notice improved sleep habits, a reduction of the impact of chronic conditions, improved joint flexibility, as well as a sharper mind.

AUMRA Yoga Seniors Classes

Our Seniors classes are taught on a mat and chair and are all lead in a verbal manner, constantly guiding our seniors with their movements; ensuring they have all their joints protected while they are in a pose and as well as moving in and out through each pose. Rosa leads classes through the Vinyasa Flow making sure that joints are stacked in order to avoid injury. 


I have had the great pleasure of attending yoga classes at Aumra Yoga for the past 18 months. I have loved learning more about myself mentally, physically and spiritually and I owe all this to Rosa. During this time I have gained renewed energy and flexibility and I am really feeling the health benefits. I would totally recommend to all seniors to attend Rosa's classes and give yoga a try.

Sue P

Rosa’s yoga classes are ideal for seniors.  Even my husband who is 81 and never exercised before gains benefits because Rosa caters to individuals abilities.  These classes are friendly and fun, we have now practiced yoga with Rosa for the past 18 months and enjoying them.

Gwen and Jim Harbour