AUMRA Yoga in Kinder – Creating a Happier, Grounder and Humble Child

We teach a fun and playful yoga for pre-school children that keeps them engaged and looking forward to the next session. All classes end with an imaginary meditation that takes them on an imaginary journey, eye pillows and a round of “AUM” (OM).

Benefits of Yoga for Children

Yoga can prolong a child’s natural flexibility and can help to develop strength in growing bodies which can help with avoiding childhood injuries commonly obtained during sports or playground activities.

Not only can yoga help with strength and flexibility of the body, it is also great for increasing concentration and building a strong self-esteem.

Ideally when children learn and practice yoga at a young age, the benefits of a committed practice ripples into their everyday life, activities, relationships and responsibilities. Meditation teaches children the importance of peace and can carry this into their daily lives as they grow


Rosa has been teaching yoga in our 2 centre’s for the past 6 months.  Her classes have been a fresh and engaging introduction to the centre, the children are very excited when Rosa walks into the room and are very eager to start their yoga!  The children are taking yoga and meditation away with them in their homes, being proud of what they have learnt and showing their parents their how to do yoga.  

We look forward to our continued relationship with Rosa at AUMRA Yoga

Rob Rossi

3 & 4 yr old kinder kids at Hope ELC